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You’re scanning Pinterest and find the PERFECT recipe for this weekend. Then you see it calls for 12 ounces of flour. Who measures in OUNCES?? With the Mega-Measuring Cheat Sheet, you’ll never be stumped by cooking math againCheck out these reviews.

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The Measurement Guide is 16 pages of done-for-you culinary math and conversions. Here’s just a sample (click to enlarge):

Kitchen Math Measurement Guide on  Kitchen Math Measurement Guide on Kitchen Math Measurement Guide on

The Mega-Measuring Cheat Sheet includes:

  • Automatic conversion to half a recipe
  • US measurement conversions to metric (as well as metric back to US)
  • US volume dry and liquid conversions (from cups to ounces, and back again)
  • Conversion tables showing how many teaspoons are in a cup, how many tablespoons are in a pint, and every other imaginable US measurement conversion
  • Weight conversions in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms
  • Fractions to decimals (yikes!!)
  • Baking pan sizes and conversions (how much batter CAN you fit in a cake pan? What if you double the recipe?)
  • Colorful visual charts to explain US liquid measurements — i.e., how many tablespoons in an ounce?
  • Visual explanation of temperature fluctuations and conversions
  • Oven temperature conversions, including Fahrenheit, Celsius, and gas marks
  • Egg, butter, and cream volume to weight conversions
  • General baking ingredient conversions, from weight to volume

What are Cooking Cheat Sheets? Some details:

  • Cook with speed and ease: Each set of cheat sheets is packed with mix-and-match ingredient tables, example recipes, and practical how-to’s that will make you feel like you were born with cooking skills.
  • Tablet, Phone, and Print Compatible: These digital guides can be viewed on any device that reads PDFs, and are also designed specifically for easy printing at home.
  • Help when you need it: Instructions are clearly laid out in colorful tables so you’re never left confused. It’s like having a chef there to answer your cooking questions.
  • 14-day guarantee (see terms and conditions)

Interested in the printed and laminated version of this cheat sheet? Click here to check it out.




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