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You’re scanning Pinterest and find the PERFECT recipe for this weekend. Then you see it calls for 12 ounces of flour. Who measures in OUNCES?? With the Mega-Measuring Cheat Sheet, you’ll never be stumped by cooking math againCheck out these reviews.

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Scroll down to find out exactly what’s inside the set.


Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets were designed with ease and creativity in mind. They make cooking so easy that it requires zero skills and almost no thought.

The Measurement Guide is 16 pages of done-for-you culinary math and conversions. Here’s just a sample (click to enlarge):

Kitchen Math Measurement Guide on  Kitchen Math Measurement Guide on Kitchen Math Measurement Guide on

The Mega-Measuring Cheat Sheet includes:

  • Automatic conversion to half a recipe
  • US measurement conversions to metric (as well as metric back to US)
  • US volume dry and liquid conversions (from cups to ounces, and back again)
  • Conversion tables showing how many teaspoons are in a cup, how many tablespoons are in a pint, and every other imaginable US measurement conversion
  • Weight conversions in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms
  • Fractions to decimals (yikes!!)
  • Baking pan sizes and conversions (how much batter CAN you fit in a cake pan? What if you double the recipe?)
  • Colorful visual charts to explain US liquid measurements — i.e., how many tablespoons in an ounce?
  • Visual explanation of temperature fluctuations and conversions
  • Oven temperature conversions, including Fahrenheit, Celsius, and gas marks
  • Egg, butter, and cream volume to weight conversions
  • General baking ingredient conversions, from weight to volume

What are Cooking Cheat Sheets? Some details:

  • Cook with speed and ease: Each set of cheat sheets is packed with mix-and-match ingredient tables, example recipes, and practical how-to’s that will make you feel like you were born with cooking skills.
  • Virtually indestructible: Fearless Fresh cheat sheets are constructed with heavy-duty lamination and card stock to stand up to life in the kitchen. Clean up easily with a quick swipe of your dish towel.
  • Help when you need it: Instructions are clearly laid out in colorful tables so you’re never left confused. It’s like having a chef there to answer your cooking questions.
  • Easily organized: 3-hole punched to accommodate any standard binder.
  • 6-month indestructible guarantee (see terms and conditions)

Interested in the digital download version of this cheat sheet? Click here to check it out.

Additional information

Weight20 oz
Dimensions11.35 × 9.25 × .25 in

14 reviews for Mega Measuring Cheat Sheet – Laminated

  1. Sarah

    I originally thought these cheat sheets would be more directed towards beginning cooks, but when I received them I realized there was a lot even experience cooks could learn from them. They are a good reference for converting measurements, but also for upping your game in the kitchen with easy pan sauces and vinaigrette dressings with recipes that can help you get out of your usual rut.

    They are beautifully designed and easy to read. You can turn to a page and find the information you are looking for quickly. You could also take them out and look at them for cooking inspiration.

    All in all, this is a great tool for beginners and long-time cooks alike.

  2. Frances Jones

    The Cheat Sheets provide an excellent way to check measurements and also quick tips for everyday cooking solutions! Very pleased with the whole set… Anxiously awaiting Part 2!

  3. Roxanne Hawn (verified owner)

    I love my printed cheat sheets, especially all the “kitchen math” for quick reference. The quality of the content, design, printing, and lamination is top notch. The cheat sheets would be a great gift both for someone living (and cooking) on their own for the first time or for more experienced home cooks.

  4. Kirsten (verified owner)

    The cheat sheet set I bought is just what I expected–helpful, durable, and more information than I ever realized I’d need. Great deal!

  5. Mona Meline

    These are amazing! I especially love that these quick reference sheets pretty much cover all my questions in one place. They’re sturdy and spill-proof with the thick lamination. I can’t wait to explore more with the sauce cheat sheets so that I can be more creative in my cooking.

  6. Alena Filip

    These cheat sheets are perfect. Since I make my own salad dressings, I refer to them for ingredient combination ideas. I put them in a three ring binder that stays in my kitchen so that they’re readily accessible. The lamination quality is durable and is a must for people who are prone to spills. The photography is beautiful and the info is organized logically and is easy to find.

  7. Chef Rudy Balch (verified owner)

    Simply awesome info!
    These are excellent for all that love to cook.

    Experienced and aspiring chefs will both find the info helpful and refreshing.

  8. Andrew Wilder

    I love the cooking cheat sheets! They’re incredibly useful – loaded with tons of info to help make cooking easier… and they’re also beautiful, well-made, and satisfying to use.. The lamination is impressively thick, so I know they’re going to last a long time.

    I appreciate the attention to detail, too: The three-hole-punching on the sides is all the way through the plastic (not the paper), so they’ll stay water-tight.

    Time to go make some compound butter…

  9. Mia Moran (verified owner)

    OMG! I am in love with these cheat sheets. They are a combo of answers to questions I always have (like measurements), and questions I should have (like oil temperatures) but never even knew to question. My absolute favorite sheets are the dressing one and the compound butter one!!! They are like 100 dishes on one sheet.

    They are both beautiful and functional… I bought my first set for myself, but will buy more as presents. Such a high quality product!

  10. Philip Diaz

    I love these cheat sheets! They are organized, beautifully designed and have a wealth of information. I keep digital copies on my tablet and just open them up as necessary. If I had a bigger kitchen I would likely have the printed sheets posted permanently, but for now the digital versions work well. Can’t recommend these enough!

  11. Jaxon

    You’ve hit the nail right on the head with your Cheat Sheets. Very high quality product, just as I’d expect from you. They’re large enough to read while at work in the kitchen when I magnet a sheet to the fridge. The lamination is thick, so they wipe clean easily if I’m using one around the stove and it gets hit with spatter. But all that is just the package.

    The content is amazingly useful, especially the Creamy Dressings/Vinaigrette sheet. Makes it so easy to get some variety into my salads. And the Compound Butter sauces have also provided a welcome to my sauces. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  12. Erin (verified owner)

    What a deal! I was excited when you offered the cheat sheets and thrilled that they were on sale. When the envelope arrived, inside was an early Christmas present! They looked so pretty wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon. Makes me wish I had ordered a gift set to send to someone I love. The sheets have thick lamination which means that spills are easily wiped off. I took them straight out of the cardboard shipping envelope (extra points for using compostable materials) and popped them into a colorful 3-ring binder. I have five shelves of cookbooks but only 3 books I go to again and again (and which I have hand-carried everywhere I moved to). This set of cheat sheets is sure to join the collection of “can’t cook withouts”. Thank you for creating easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, handy references for all cooks, no matter their level of experience.

  13. Judy S. (verified owner)

    Yes! Yes! From common sense things you occasionally need reminders for, to things like annoyances ( i don’t need to look up Celsius to Fahrenheit or — worse — figure Out European gas Marks! ) ….The sheets cover everything under the sun! Love them!

  14. Daniel Brado (verified owner)

    These are incredible! I like cooking but get a confused by what goes with what and how much and am thrown when it gets complex. These cheat sheets are so easy to follow and the thick lamination means I can be sloppy and clean up easily. Thank you!

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