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Online cooking classes that help you make healthy food that tastes amazing, even if you have no time at all. Learn to become a creative, confident cook so you can make a huge variety of exciting meals without a recipe. For alllllllll the details, click here. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering discounted plans until the fall.



🎉🎉 I am so excited to announcing the grand opening of the Fearless Cooking Club. To celebrate we’re offering discounted plans until fall! 🎉🎉

The mission of the Fearless Cooking Club is to turn you into a total kitchen ninja. With easy-to-follow video trainings and colorful cooking charts that save you from having to remember tons of details, I’ll show you everything I learned about how to make delicious, gorgeous, HEALTHY, food without the 20 years and thousands of dollars I spent to get there. For more details, click here.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could…

  • Make a variety of exciting meals, so you never get bored with what you’re eating?
  • Cook healthy meals from scratch, without a recipe, knowing your family will love every single bite?
  • Never ruin another meal, and feel 100% confident using your intuition to cook?
  • Stop wasting time, money, and ingredients on meals that taste bland, or worse…. taste terrible?
  • Become a smart, efficient cook with tons of knowledge who can put together a perfectly balanced meal with whatever’s in the kitchen?
  • Feel vibrant in your body, instead of tired, bloated, guilty, and kinda toxic all over?

What’s inside:

  • Video trainings archive + new monthly trainings ($999 value)
  • Cooking cheat sheets/printables with every module ($99 value)
  • 24-7 cooking support community ($299 value)
  • Exclusive seasonal Q&A sessions ($199 value)


  • Cooking ebook library ($79 value)
  • Bonus: Basic Skills Boot Camp ($279 value — coming soon)
  • Bonus: Free Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets ($65 value — for yearly subscribers, US shipping only)

Value = $2,019 a year

Early bird discounted plans = $200/year

Or lifetime plan for $600

(For a limited time — lock in your lifetime price before it goes up to $400 a year!!)

🍳🍝 Cooking confidence starts here. 🍓🍗

Everything in the Fearless Cooking Club is approachable. No complicated techniques, no unpronounceable ingredients. Just home cooking from scratch that gets you feeling GREAT.

The cooking school platform is approachable as well. Everything in the Fearless Cooking Club is delivered online and is compatible with any device. All cheat sheets come in PDF format that you can print or save to your device forever.

There’s even a native mobile app to make using the FCC easy to use in the kitchen, at the grocery store, or anywhere else you happen to be. Take your cooking classes wherever you need them.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ page. If your question isn’t answered there, drop us an email and we’ll get you the information you need.

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6 reviews for Fearless Cooking Club Membership

  1. MsMunchie

    I’m an experienced home cook but I still learn a lot here. I especially liked the modules on how to increase flavor and the one on how to improve your sense of taste. I know when things taste good, but not how to find and fix specific flavors. Stephanie gives exercises and examples to help one improve all parts of your cooking. The cheats sheets are a super useful resource as well.

  2. Spruce Patalon

    The FCC cooking lessons are super friendly. They showed me how to easily chop herbs that I didn’t know before and have really helped to bring more flavor into my cooking. I really like the quick clips that I can jump between when I’m looking for specific information.

  3. Kate & Steve

    Stephanie’s video trainings are the next best thing to having her hang out in your kitchen. Experienced home cooks will expand their skill set, yet the lessons are still accessible to newbies who can’t cook toast.

    You can trust the Fearless Fresh recipes are good because they were created and tested by an actual chef, not just some random person with a blog. And you don’t have to sift through a million search results, only to read someone’s life story before getting to their crappy brownie recipe.

  4. Bec

    I went into the Fearless Cooking Club with an advanced level of cooking experience and knowledge, so I was a little uncertain whether or not I would find the information there helpful.

    I am thrilled to say that Stephanie’s videos are filled with cooking tips, food knowledge, and recipes for cooks of ALL experience levels!

    Additionally, the cooking community group on the site has users of all skill levels, and everyone is welcoming and helpful. If’s a fun, safe place to share cooking success and failures!

  5. Alena F.

    I love the Fearless Cooking Club for its easy to digest format! The cooking lessons are broken up into bite-sized pieces that are incredibly effective. When combined with all the cheat sheets and charts, the FCC provides me with an easy reference that has made me a much better cook. As a detail-oriented person who likes to get to the point, I appreciate how precise and thoughtful everything is.

  6. Fran Jones

    At last, a common sense approach to teaching people to cook! The lessons are presented in a knowledgable step-by-step way. I feel like I have learned something important after I complete each section. After just a few weeks I have a sense of accomplishment and feel ready to try new ideas and recipes!

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