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Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets were designed to make cooking easy — so easy that it requires zero skills and almost no thought. Check out these reviews. This set includes the digital-only cheat sheets in PDF format.

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Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets were designed with ease and creativity in mind. They make cooking so easy that it requires zero skills and almost no thought.

These colorful easy-to-read recipe tables allow you to mix and match ingredients so you can:

  • Easily cook dinner without a recipe, with basic ratios where you just fill in the blank
  • Instinctively know what flavors go together and exactly what to expect when you cook
  • Make better cooking decisions for health, flavor, and what’s in the fridge

What’s in Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets:

Cooking Cheat Sheets on» Instant Vinaigrette to Win Any Salad
This guide lists a ratio and tables of possible ingredients you can use to make a vinaigrette salad dressing, so you can mix and match to create a dressing that fits your own personal taste. I’ve included sample recipes at the bottom to get you started, but soon you’ll be creating your own recipes on the fly. Woot!

» Creamy Dressings for Epic Salads
The creamy dressings guide follows the same format as the vinaigrette guide, but for (wait for it…) creamy dressings. The sample recipes at the bottom will teach you to create some classic salad dressings, like ranch, Green Goddess, and blue cheese, but the tables at the top will guide you to making your own signature creamy dressings to suit your personal tastes.

» Oil Smoke Point Cheat Sheet
Some oils burn faster than others, and burnt oil not only makes your food taste bad, it’s super bad for your health. Use this guide to decide what sort of oil will work best for your cooking task. Oils are listed from top to bottom in order of smoke point; the oils at the top are the most heat-resistant, while the ones at the bottom should not be used for high-heat cooking. Example — frying temperatures can get as hot at 400°F, so you’ll want to pick an oil from the top half of the list when frying food.

» Cooking Oil Shelf Life Cheat Sheet
Oils are surprisingly fragile, and bad oil smells/tastes AWFUL. Seriously, it can ruin your dish. This guide will show you exactly how to store your oils for longer shelf life, and the accompanying chart will help you determine at what point you need to replace your cooking oil. Simple as that!

» Culinary Cuts Cheat Sheet
This is my favorite guide! Since this illustrated sheet is laminated, you can use it to gauge how your chopping skills are coming along by placing your cut vegetables right on the sheet to measure them against the example. Sweet! Instant feedback is awesome, isn’t it?

» Herb Cuts Cheat Sheet
Chopping herbs can be confusing, so this guide was crafted to explain exactly what you need to know about each kind of herb you’ll come across in your kitchen. It includes tips for general chopping, as well as illustrations that show the difference between different kinds of herb cuts.

» Compound Butters — The World’s Easiest Sauce
Compound butters are simple to make while allowing for LOTS of creativity, so you can change your sauce according to your main dish. Page 1 contains a chart of entrees + matching flavor pairings, which allows you to pick what will go best with your dish. Page 2 works in the opposite direction, with a chart of ingredients + the kind of foods they accentuate. Pages 3 and 4 tell you exactly how to make and use compound butters, with no confusion. Yay!

» Pasta Measuring Cheat Sheet
This guide will remove the guesswork from measuring pasta and help you figure out exactly how much pasta to make for dinner. Page 1 works with short pastas, like penne, which can be measured by cups or weight (as well as box size — like 1/2 box). Page 2 helps you measure long pastas, like spaghetti, by placing them on the colored dots to tell you exact how many servings of pasta you’ve got in your hand. I’ve also included both 2- and 4-ounce serving sizes, to fit your dietary needs.

Kitchen Math Measurement Guide on» 16-page Mega-Measurement Guide
I’ve also created the Mega-Measurement Guide, which guarantees you’ll never have to do math in the kitchen again. The Mega-Measurement Guide is full of done-for-you culinary math and conversions.

Just a fraction of what the guide includes:

  • US measurement conversions to metric (as well as metric back to US)
  • US volume dry and liquid conversions (from cups to tablespoons to ounces, and back again)
  • Weight conversions in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms
  • Fractions to decimals (yikes!!)
  • Baking pan sizes and conversions (how much batter CAN you fit in a cake pan? What if you double the recipe?)
  • Egg, butter, and cream volume to weight conversions

Safe Cooking Temps on» Safe Cooking Temperatures Chart
This 1-page chart has every cooking temperature you might need on a moment’s notice. Just a quick glance will tell you exactly what you need to know: when your chicken is done, your pork is perfect, and your steak is medium-rare. No more frantically searching the internet for some random bit of information no one can remember anyways.

Sarah M. Sarah M.

I originally thought these cheat sheets would be more directed towards beginning cooks, but when I received them I realized there was a lot even experience cooks could learn from them. They are a good reference for converting measurements, but also for upping your game in the kitchen with easy pan sauces and vinaigrette dressings with recipes that can help you get out of your usual rut.

They are beautifully designed and easy to read. You can turn to a page and find the information you are looking for quickly. You could also take them out and look at them for cooking inspiration. All in all, this is a great tool for beginners and long-time cooks alike.

Alena Filip Alena Filip

These cheat sheets are perfect. Since I make my own salad dressings, I refer to them for ingredient combination ideas. I put them in a three ring binder that stays in my kitchen so that they're readily accessible. The lamination quality is durable and is a must for people who are prone to spills. The photography is beautiful and the info is organized logically and is easy to find.


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